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3 drunk driving misconceptions that need to end

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2024 | DUI/OWI

The internet has a lot of misconceptions that people spread around without first fact-checking. Some of these myths are harmless. But, others can create legal issues, such as driving while drunk. 

A lot of these myths need to end. Here are a few common myths you may have heard of:

Myth 1: Coffee makes you sober

Truth: People don’t become sober after drinking coffee. Coffee can make people less tired and more focused after consuming alcohol, but it doesn’t negate the drunkenness feeling and cognitive effects. Alcohol must be metabolized by the body, which can take several hours. If tested, a person may still have a high blood alcohol content (BAC) reading, which is the amount of alcohol found in their body.

Myth 2: You can’t be charged for drunk driving if you pass a breath test

Truth: In Iowa, the legal BAC limit is .08% or higher. This means that if a driver tests .08% or higher, then they can face criminal charges. However, a driver could still face severe penalties even if their BAC levels are not higher than the legal limit. Everyone is affected by alcohol differently. For some people, a small amount of alcohol may make them appear more drunk, which can make them reckless while driving. A driver may not be charged for exceeding the BAC limit, but they could if they violated other traffic laws and endangered others. 

Myth 3: Pennies can help you pass breath tests

Truth: It’s often believed that sucking on a penny while taking a breath test can help people pass the test. However, this isn’t the case. A penny will not do anything to a breath test. The same can be said for other methods, such as using gum or breath mints. Gum and breath mints may contain some alcohol, which can raise a person’s BAC levels. 

A drunk driving charge can lead to severe penalties. Drivers may need to learn how to create a legal defense to fight harsh penalties.