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A custody dispute is one of the most stressful family law conflicts a parent may face. Whether you are unmarried or pursuing a divorce, it is critical that you receive terms that allow you to remain in your child’s life. Partnering with a skilled attorney can help you negotiate a favorable custody agreement that supports your child’s best interests.

Our legal team at Marberry Law Firm, P.C. works tirelessly to find practical solutions that promote children’s welfare. Since 1990, our family law attorney has secured fair custody orders that protect parenting rights and create a supportive framework for children in a single-parent household. We are ready to use the law to ease your child’s transition to the next stage in life.

Types Of Custody Orders Granted In Iowa

Family court judges may have automatically granted mothers primary custody in the past, but this isn’t the case today. Most of the clients that we represent receive equal parenting rights and responsibilities.

In Iowa, these parenting rights include:

  • Decision-making rights, also known as legal custody. Obtaining legal custody allows you to make choices about your child’s healthcare provider, education, religious upbringing and other important matters.
  • Physical care, also known as physical custody. Parents who receive primary physical custody are responsible for housing their child and tending to everyday needs.

When you hire us, we will advocate for you to have a strong role in your child’s life in negotiation sessions or in litigation if necessary. We are willing to work across the aisle to identity terms that both you and your child’s parent support. Douglass Marberry, our founding attorney, has helped countless parents resolve custody matters through negotiation, mediation and collaborative divorce.

Family court judges do not automatically award custody without studying parenting history and evaluating the child’s needs. We keep these points in mind as we develop parenting plans for our clients in Urbandale and the neighboring area. You can depend on us to create a persuasive argument that supports your side.

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