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Using Mediation To Reach A Common Goal

When you are having a difficult time finding common ground on a family law matter, a mediator can help you resolve conflicts in an economical and efficient manner. Unlike litigation, mediation empowers you to negotiable terms of your agreement and influence the outcome. In litigation, the court retains control over the entire process: determining when arguments will be heard and what the outcome will be.

Here at Marberry Law Firm, P.C., we provide mediation services to families and individuals who are willing to work together to address personal concerns. Our principal attorney, Douglass Marberry, has successfully mediated disputes in the Urbandale area for over 20 years. Our legal team is prepared to assist you in exploring solutions that are both just and equitable under the circumstances.

Mediation Can Help You Resolve These Conflicts

Mediation is an interactive process where a neutral party, called a mediator, assists in negotiating a settlement between parties. Both sides work together to find a consensus. This approach only works when parties agree to calmly discuss the issues and work towards a resolution.

We use mediation to address a range of family law issues that include:

When our clients choose to pursue mediation, they are able to solve problems on their own schedule and keep their conflicts out of the public record. If you are concerned about maintaining your privacy and finding solutions promptly, you should consider mediating your disputes.

Let Us Help You Negotiate Peacefully

Before you begin the mediation process, consult with our lawyers to determine whether this approach will work for you. We offer complimentary consultations to allow you to examine your options before you take action.

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