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How a collaborative divorce can help to keep costs lower

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Collaborative Divorce

People who are preparing for divorce often worry about the expenses involved. They will need to divide their assets, which will diminish their personal wealth. They will also need to pay for the divorce proceedings. There are filing fees, attorney costs and charges associated with the time spent in court.

Those looking to control divorce costs often explore alternative approaches to the litigation process. Collaborative divorce can be a way for people to limit conflict during a divorce and possibly also reduce the total costs involved.

Collaborative divorce keeps issues out of court

Time spent in court is often the most expensive aspect of a divorce. In a collaborative divorce scenario, spouses agree to settle their disputes outside of court. They can then file an uncontested divorce.

Although collaborative divorce typically involves working with an assortment of outside professionals, the costs of their services are often far lower than the cost of taking the matter to family court and litigating. Mediators and other professionals who help facilitate an uncontested divorce may help spouses resolve their issues amicably.

A collaborative divorce has an average price tag that is usually significantly lower than the cost of an acrimonious, litigated divorce. Couples that have to present evidence about property division, custody and support matters often spend hours in court fighting with one another. They will need to pay for that time in court, which can quickly increase the total cost of the divorce.

The more quickly couples resolve their disagreements, the lower the total cost of their collaborative divorce proceedings will tend to be. Exploring alternatives to contested divorce may help people reduce how stressful and expensive their divorces ultimately become.