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What are the top causes of divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Divorce

Every divorce case is unique and may come with some of its own causes and individual factors. That said, many of these determining factors can be found repeatedly, from one relationship to the next, showing that they commonly cause divorce and should be viewed as red flags.

But what are they? Knowing that a divorce is on the horizon in advance can be helpful, from a legal perspective, as you prepare for this change in your life. So what things should you look for?

10 of the top reasons for divorce

Fortunately, researchers have studied this. One survey found that these were 10 of the most common reasons for divorce in the United States:

  • Not being committed to the relationship 
  • Arguing too often 
  • Getting married too young 
  • Having inequality between each spouse, such as when only one person is allowed to make family decisions
  • Having unrealistic expectations going into the marriage 
  • Finding out that one person engaged in infidelity or an extramarital affair 
  • Running into significant financial problems 
  • Experiencing domestic violence or other serious conflicts 
  • Holding significant religious differences
  • Not having family support

The exact reason for the divorce can often impact how the process goes. For example, if financial issues lead to the end of the relationship, dividing property during the divorce could become complicated. If couples argued often and had a high level of conflict when they were married, they can expect that same level of conflict during the divorce.

That’s why it’s so important for those who are getting divorced to understand exactly what legal steps to take and what options they have.