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How can collaborative divorce benefit empty-nesters?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Collaborative Divorce

When the last of your children leave home, you might realize that you and your spouse don’t have much in common anymore. At least not enough to justify staying married.

Divorcing can allow you both to spend the rest of your lives in the ways you choose, which may be very different from each other. Yet maybe you cannot bear the thought of going to court in a traditional divorce. Not only will it eat into your time and money, but it will eat into your privacy and potentially damage the relationship you have. Or perhaps you don’t distrust your spouse per se, but you don’t know enough about how divorce and other financial matters work to be sure the split of assets they are suggesting is a fair deal or not.

A collaborative divorce can be better for you

In both cases, a collaborative divorce could work well for you:

  • It can speed things up and thus cost you both less
  • You won’t need to air your affairs in public to try to get what you deserve
  • You will have your own legal representative to inform you and advocate on your behalf when needed 

Having someone who understands what the law entitles you to and who will work to make sure you get that can provide reassurance. They can also point out pitfalls in any plans you may have come up with yourself, or when trying to work out a solution with your spouse. For example, they might notice that splitting assets in a particular way leaves you subject to an unfair amount of tax. 

It’s better for your children, too

Pursuing a collaborative divorce can also help your kids feel more comfortable with this major change – as they’ll see you sorting out your differences in a calmer way than other divorces they may have witnessed. Learning more about how it works is a good place to start.