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Essential tips if planning to travel with the kids after your divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2023 | Child Custody

As summer comes around, many parents’ thoughts turn to going on vacation with the kids. Getting a divorce needn’t change that, but it will make it more complicated. 

This is because you’ll need the other parent’s permission.

Permission to take the child out of the country

If you show up at an airport with tickets for you and your child to Paris or another overseas destination, the border agents will ask you for proof of permission from the other parent. They may also ask you for proof that you are the parent, especially if your child has a different surname than you.

The border agents do this as routine because one of their jobs is to stop child trafficking. It’s best to get the necessary documents together well in advance, preferably before you even book your trip, as otherwise, you could face a stressful few weeks if your ex decides to be difficult.

If they refuse point blank, you could seek a court’s permission, but perhaps the best way is to have this discussion and document it when making custody arrangements during your divorce. You can agree to allow your co-parent to travel with the kids for a vacation each year and they can agree to do the same for you.

Permission to break with the usual custody schedule

Hopefully, you can give each other the flexibility to deviate from the usual custody schedule without problems. A court would prefer not to have to spend time on such matters. However, if you fear your spouse might accuse you of failing to comply with the custody schedule, get a record of their permission.

Obtaining legal guidance to work together when making your custody agreement can help pave the way for smoother co-parenting.