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4 mistakes to avoid in a child custody case

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Child Custody

Child custody is a crucial matter for divorcing parents. Each parent wants to protect their rights. Nonetheless, you should consider your child’s best interest to make informed decisions in this battle. Additionally, you need to know the actions that can work to your disadvantage.

The following are four mistakes to avoid in child custody matters:

Having unfair requests

Although you should fight for your rights as a parent, unfair requests may not help. You want your child to have a healthy relationship with both parents. Thus, you may have proposals that don’t threaten the other parent’s rights. 

However, you may want to be strict if the other party has unfair requests or they can put the child at risk, for example, if violence or substance use were an issue in your home.

Using the child as a spy

You should not use your child as a spy during a child custody case. This can affect them in different ways, including psychologically, and can harm your case. When your kid(s) come to visit, talk about their life, from school to friendships. This boundary should continue even after the matter is finalized. 

Talking negatively about the other parent

Talking negatively about your ex-spouse to your kids, people around you or on social media can be harmful. You may be able to talk briefly about them, particularly from your kids, without making them look bad. 

Abusing drugs or alcohol 

Abusing drugs or alcohol when your kids are visiting can also disadvantage you. Thus, you should avoid them during and after the case. Besides protecting your interests, you want to be fully present with your kids when they are around.

Child custody is a sensitive issue, yet one of the most stressful family law conflicts. You should consider your options to protect your parental rights.