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3 ways of helping your children cope with your divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Collaborative Divorce

Children are never to blame for a failed marriage, but many believe it is their fault. Self-blame is only one of many troubling emotional stages children of divorce may experience.

Like most parents going through a divorce, you want to help your kids cope with the emotions that manifest during this trying time. If you feel lost about where to begin, consider the following examples.

Cultivate communication

Once you have broken the news of divorce to your kids, try to keep them talking. Share details about your day and ask open-ended questions about theirs to encourage meaningful discussions.

When you keep the conversations flowing, your kids may feel better about sharing their feelings with you. Supportive and reassuring communications help kids feel secure about the strength of their bonds with both parents.

Consider divorce alternatives

Traditional divorces often leave everyone in the family emotionally distraught. Fortunately, you can opt for a contemporary divorce alternative that promotes the mental and emotional health of everyone.

Instead of putting the focus on fighting and winning, collaborative divorces emphasize problem-solving and cooperation. When parents feel less anxious about divorcing, their children typically begin to feel better.

Pass on lessons learned

Collaborative divorce can teach each parent better methods of coping with their emotions, which you can pass on to your kids. You may learn to better accept what you cannot change, for example — a lesson that can benefit your children during this time.

Other advantages of a collaborative divorce include fewer expenses, speedier resolution and improved post-divorce communication between parents. If you are looking for solutions that minimize emotional hardships for your children, learn more about collaborative law divorce in Iowa.