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Will the children need to change schools when a parent moves?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Divorce

There are many implications to the child custody arrangements in your Iowa divorce. How you split parenting time can affect how much child support one parent pays. The way you split parenting time can also affect the relationships that each of you has with the kids, especially if there is an uneven division of parenting time.

The terms of your divorce could affect the relationships that your children have with the other people who matter in their lives, such as their closest friends and teachers. Generally speaking, where someone resides determines what school district they attend. Will your children have to switch schools if your ex moves out of the school district during your divorce?

The primary address of the children will be what matters

If the parent who only has 30% custody moves to a separate school district, their relocation will not typically affect where the children go to school. However, if the parent with more parenting time moves out of the school district or if the family changes the children’s address, those adjustments could potentially affect the children’s enrollment at school.

Where parents live could potentially play a role in custody decisions, as judges want to do what is best for the kids. Switching schools can be an intensely stressful experience at a time when the children may already feel on edge because of changes in their families. Parents should try to focus on what will keep things most stable for their children, including keeping them in the same school district if possible.

The courts could give the parent staying in the same district more parenting time or even decide custody matters based on what schools the children would attend.

What about relocations after the divorce?

Sometimes, people need to move after a divorce, not just when they first separate from their spouse. A relocation after the divorce could affect educational resources and the division of parenting time. Parents may need to go back to court and ask for a custody modification when one of them moves to update the division of parenting time.

Doing your best to keep things stable for your children will help them and the rest of your family adjust to the complications of shared custody.