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How to curb your spouse’s anger during divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce can often bring out the worst in people. You may begin to see sides of your spouse that you previously didn’t know existed.

Matters can become even more challenging when children are at the heart of proceedings, although children can also give you an incentive to work together despite your feelings toward one another. Although it isn’t easy, there are ways to make divorce go more smoothly for all parties. Outlined below are some ways to curb your spouse’s anger during a divorce.

Find common ground

Problems during the relationship may have made it impossible for you to communicate you’re your spouse. It is important to remember that your intimate relationship is in the past, and your parental relationship is not. The best interests of the children give both parents a common goal to work towards.

It will also be the top priority for the courts, so reaching an amicable agreement is the best possible outcome. Divorce can have a lasting impact on the children, but if they witness a united front regarding their needs, it can be a source of great comfort.

Less is more sometimes

If face-to-face conversations between you and your spouse always lead to conflict, there is really no need for them to take place. Conversations that end in arguments are only going to heighten the stress of the process, so they are best avoided. You might wish to consider communicating in written form only.

Whether it’s a text or email, written conversations can give you the space you need to process information as well as the time to develop an appropriate response. Written communication also offers you the opportunity not to respond at all. If messages are toxic and irrelevant to the divorce, this may be the best course of action.

As you go through a divorce, remember that is an opportunity for a fresh start. Keeping your legal rights under Iowa law in mind will also assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome.