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How can you talk to your children about your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2021 | Divorce

It can be a struggle to know how to approach the subject of divorce with your children. You may worry about scaring them or overwhelming them with too many details or confusing them with not enough details.

However, news of this lifestyle change does not have to be scary for you to discuss.

Be direct

According to the Mayo Clinic, sticking to the subject and being direct is the best way to keep children from worrying. If you are too vague about what you are saying, they may become stressed or anxious.

Writing out a script of what you wish to say could help you organize your thoughts before beginning the discussion. When talking, leave out any insults and make sure you are only focusing on child-appropriate details.

Remind them you love them

This decision may come as a shock to your children. Making sure to reiterate that you care for them as much as you always have can help them adjust to this change.

Be sure to spend extra time with them, and maybe even plan day trips for just you and them to relax and have fun together. Spending quality time together can help to ease the worry that everything about their lives is changing.

Stay consistent with rules

Although it may seem tempting to loosen the regular household rules up after a divorce, this may lead to more stress in the long run. Telling your children you are keeping boundaries and structure in place after a big life change can help them feel calm.

Discussing divorce does not have to bring up bad feelings for you or your children.