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Enforcing a custody or visitation order

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

As a parent, legal issues related to your child are especially sensitive. Aside from support payments, custody and visitation becomes a contentious topic for many parents. Regrettably, some parents’ rights regarding custody or visitation are not respected by the other parent.

If your ex is refusing access to your kids, or they are not respecting other facets of a custody or visitation order, you need to explore your options promptly.

How can you enforce a custody or visitation order?

According to the Iowa Judicial Branch, you have the option to take your case to court if your child’s other parent refuses to respect the terms of your custody or visitation order. In fact, parents who refuse to abide by the provisions of these orders are sometimes found in contempt of court and required to spend 30 days behind bars (in addition to other actions the court can take to make parents comply with the terms of the order). However, in order to pursue enforcement, parents have to file a court action.

What are some other considerations regarding custody orders?

In addition to the enforcement of a custody or visitation order, there are other issues that some parents must take into consideration. For example, if you suspect that your child is experiencing abuse or living in an unsafe environment, you need to carefully look into this matter. Moreover, even if you have hard feelings over the other parent’s failure to respect a court order, focus on your child’s emotional well-being and try to create a harmonious and supportive environment if you have the ability to spend time with them.