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Can technology make co-parenting less of a struggle?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Divorce

After a divorce, child custody can be a struggle. You and your spouse have to stay up to date with one another, you have to share a schedule and communicate about your child. 

Can technology make it easier? According to Forbes, there are apps and technologies that divorced parents can benefit from. 

Do you need help staying in sync?

Balancing schedules is difficult enough when you are a family unit. After a divorce, you still need to be on the same page as your former spouse for the sake of your children. Most co-parenting apps and other technologies that support co-parenting provide you with the means to have a shared calendar. The two of you can list different appointments, activities and obligations that your child has. 

Do you communicate enough?

Communication between two divorced parents can be difficult. While your children still need to see you communicate with your former spouse peacefully and civilly, you can use technology to keep your ex updated on different aspects of your child’s life. You can even use it to have more complex discussions that may end in an argument if you were in person. 

Do you need specific documents?

You and your former spouse need to have copies of different documents. For instance, if you have your child in the middle of the week or on weekends, you need to make sure that he or she brings all the homework assignments. Your spouse can also upload any worksheets or homework so that both of you have access. Likewise, the two of you can upload insurance documents and any medication lists.