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Can co-parenting apps help divorced parents?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Divorce

After a divorce, the well-being of your children is a priority. Even in the best-case-scenario and most amicable splits, child custody issues can still be complicated. In the digital age, parents are learning how to use technology to their advantage. 

Some use apps for their phones and other mobile devices to manage co-parenting. Can parenting apps aid the co-parenting process? According to Forbes, co-parenting can be less stressful with parenting apps. 

Stay connected 

In less-than-amicable divorces, most parents have difficulty communicating. There may be arguments and misunderstandings. An app can be a safe place for communication. Also, you can access all messages later. This makes it less likely for arguments to spring up or accusations to occur. It is important to put an active effort into being kind for the sake of your child, but some apps may even recognize hostile language before you send. 

Share documents 

When you do not spend a lot of time with your former spouse, document sharing can be difficult. Say that your child is working on a school project but must finish it at his or her other parent’s house. You can upload the assignment for the other parent. Likewise, you can share medical information if your kid received treatment for an illness at your home and continues treatment with the other parent. 

Use calendars 

As a parent, you already have a busy schedule. Co-parenting apps typically have options to create a calendar for your child. This does not only include your parenting times, but also includes a child’s medication schedule, extra-curricular activity schedule and even his or her bed or nap schedule.