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Activities that can be done via virtual visitation 

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Child Custody

Sometimes, it is necessary for one parent to live a considerable distance away from their child. For example, if a parent has an international career or serves in the military. Nonetheless, physical distance doesn’t mean that parent and child cannot maintain a close bond. 

Virtual visitation has taken off in the digital age. Parents can use technology to speak to their children every day if they want to. Specific activities of various types can be conducted virtually. Here are a few things to consider. 

Practical activities 

One parent may have different strengths compared to the other. For example, one parent may be better at sports, so they can offer better coaching to their child. Or, one parent may be better at math, so that parent is better suited to help with math homework. 

Practical activities, such as helping with homework, can be conducted online. Parents can set up study sessions so that the child stays on top of school work. 

Fun activities 

Geographical distance no longer prevents parents from engaging in fun activities with their children. For instance, major streaming services now offer “streaming parties”, so that multiple people can watch the same movie at the same time. 

Most kids also play some form of video game online. Parents can utilize headsets to communicate with children while playing their favorite games.  

The digital landscape has changed everything, including parenting. Almost any activity can now be conducted in an online format. 

If you want to include virtual visitation as part of your custody arrangement, it may be beneficial to seek legal guidance.