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How to talk to your child about your custody agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Child Custody

When you get a divorce, you’ll have to make a lot of big changes in your life. Besides the obvious that you’ll live off of one income going forward, you may also need to move and you may have fewer assets. However, one of the biggest changes in your life may be how you raise your children.

You’ll likely need to work with your ex-spouse to make a child custody agreement. This way you can continue seeing your children and have some say in how they’re raised. Yet, how do you talk to your children once you’ve worked out a custody agreement?

Here’s what you should know:

Talk to your children together

It’s important that your children hear the news about your divorce – if you haven’t told them already – and the child custody arrangement from both parents at the same time. By doing so your children will have a better understanding that both parents will be there for them, that is if you have a joint parenting plan. 

You’ll also need to consider when you’ll have this talk. Before school or bed, when your children won’t have time to ask many questions, may not be the best time to have this discussion. Instead, you may need to have it at breakfast or dinner or during a time you feel is appropriate. 

Be transparent about living arrangements

Once your child custody agreement is decided you should have some idea when your children will see you and who they’ll live with. One parent may have primary physical custody, meaning this is where the child will be the most often. However, you’ll also have to decide when and how often you’ll be seeing your children, which your child should be informed about. It may even be important to discuss with your children how and where they’ll be picked up when their other parent comes to get them.

If you’re planning a divorce or need help when planning out a child custody order, then you may need to know your legal options