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Do you need a “good reason” to get divorced?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Divorce

You know that a lot of people have very clear reasons to get divorced. Maybe you have a friend who left their spouse after they found out that person was having an affair, for instance.

But is this type of reason necessary? Maybe you are also thinking about a divorce, but you’re worried that your reason isn’t significant enough. Maybe you and your spouse simply don’t agree on how to use money or what rules you should have in place for your children. Maybe you’re simply unhappy with the way your relationship has evolved over the years and you no longer want to be married.

You can get a no-fault divorce

If you find yourself in this situation, the thing to remember is that no-fault divorce laws changed how divorce – or the dissolution of a marriage – can occur. In the past, people would need to prove fault and come up with reasons to justify their divorce. But you can use a no-fault divorce so that this step is no longer necessary.

A no-fault divorce essentially just means that two people can cite irreconcilable differences. It doesn’t matter what those differences are. They simply don’t think the marriage can be fixed. That can be enough, and you don’t have to prove to the court that you deserve it.

What this means is that divorce is easier than it has been before, especially when you and your spouse agree that you want to end the legal relationship. A collaborative divorce can, therefore, be a bit faster and easier than a contested divorce. Be sure you know what options you have.