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Is a collaborative divorce right for you?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Divorce

Sometimes, a marriage may fail to work out as expected. When this happens, the couple may decide to divorce and go their separate ways. But, the traditional divorce route can be tedious and costly. This explains why more and more divorcing couples are opting for collaborative divorce. 

A collaborative divorce is a legal process that allows a divorcing couple to work with professionals like collaborative lawyers, mediators, coaches as well as financial experts to dissolve their marriage amicably. But is this type of divorce right for you?

Deciding if you should give collaborative divorce a try

Collaborative divorce does come with lots of benefits. However, it is not meant for everyone. Here are a few pointers that can help you decide if this form of divorce will work for you:

Both parties agree to use it

As the name suggests, both parties must agree to cooperate for this type of divorce to work. Remember, the key to success during a collaborative divorce is faith in the process. If one party is adamant, then the couple will have to explore other ways to dissolve their marriage. 

Both parties are forthright about their finances

Transparency and good faith are essential for the success of the collaborative divorce. Thus, both parties must voluntarily disclose their financial information prior to the negotiation. Collaborative divorce will not work if either party engages in mischievous activities like hiding marital assets. 

Both parties are willing to make concessions

During a collaborative divorce, both parties win by avoiding contentious, publicized and expensive litigation. Therefore, neither party should approach this type of divorce with an “I have to win” attitude. Rather, they should enter the negotiations with the mindset of finding a solution for the divorce rather than getting the most out of it. And this calls for readiness to make concessions. 

Just because you are ending your marriage does not mean you have to go to war with your spouse. Approached right, collaborative divorce can help you end your marriage without paying through the nose.