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Social media and divorce troubles

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Divorce

Divorcing spouses might find that the legal proceedings disrupt and impact many areas of their lives. The stress associated with settlement negotiations or a trial in an Iowa family court may require several personal and professional changes until the final divorce decree arrives. One habit that many people can’t break is their use of social media, even though posting on social media could negatively affect a divorce case.

Social media and divorce

Statements on social media end up in the proverbial public square. When someone makes statements on Facebook or Instagram that contradict testimony in legal proceedings, that person could get in trouble.

Conversely, someone’s behavior on social media could allow one spouse to counter the other’s claims. For example, a spouse might claim financial hardships when negotiating lower alimony and child support amounts, but social media posts might reveal “hidden” money and a high-end lifestyle.

A person’s social media behavior might not be dishonest but may still reflect poor judgment. An angry and frustrated spouse could make disparaging comments about their partner, causing unnecessary anger and resentment. Divorce negotiations might suffer as a result.

Curtailing social media activities

Cutting back on social media is advisable during divorce proceedings. This is the case even though some people rely on social media for professional pursuits or to stay in touch with friends and family. Still, it could be good to reduce social media commentary while divorcing.

Benign posts that cause no harm might be acceptable. A real estate agent may share new listings, or an entertainer might promote public events. However, posting personal images and comments should be an activity worth skipping until the divorce is over.