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Arguing in front of the kids is never a good idea 

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2022 | Divorce

If it has become apparent that your relationship is no longer functional, tensions in the household can be high. Perhaps you’ve made a decision to pursue divorce and you may even have started the procedure already? This means that there is a high likelihood of conflict arising between you and your spouse. 

If you have children, then it is almost unavoidable that they will hear any fights and arguments. If possible, both you and your spouse should make efforts to avoid this, whatever stage your relationship is at. Arguing in front of your kids is never a good idea, and here’s why. 

Children thrive with stability

Whether you are still in a relationship or recently separated, the more stability you and your co-parent can offer the better. Growing up can be tough, especially during the adolescent stages. Children tend to look to one or both of their parents for a sense of security. If you are both preoccupied with fighting one another, then you will miss the opportunity to provide this stability for your child. 

Children mimic what they see

Much like children look to their parents for comfort, they also look for indications as to how they should behave later in life. While arguments and disagreements are a normal part of life, how they are resolved is fundamentally important. If you and your co-parent are constantly shouting at one another and putting each other down, your child may start to think that this is how conflict is resolved in everyday life. 

Arguing in front of the children can lead to anxiety and other types of emotional trauma, so it is best avoided. Difficult as it may be, it is better if you and your co-parent see eye to eye, especially with regard to the best interests of the children. If you are in the midst of conflict with your spouse, take a closer look at your legal options