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4 common obstacles to overcome in an Iowa divorce 

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Divorce

A divorce is an event that can have life-changing consequences. Many of the changes can be positive, but it is perfectly natural to have reservations about your future. 

Knowing what roadblocks could occur during your divorce may help you manage your expectations. Outlined below are four of the most common obstacles you’re likely to encounter:

1. Managing high levels of stress

Stress is bound to occur at times even during a more amicable divorce. However, extended litigation can heighten stress levels significantly. Finding ways to negotiate your divorce settlement outside of the courtroom could significantly reduce your anxiety. 

2. Issues centered around property division

Divorce procedures involving a greater number of assets may be more complicated. It can be beneficial to be organized. For example, you need to know all of your assets and any outstanding debts that you owe. That makes negotiating a fair settlement with your spouse easier.

3. Concerns about budgeting

Your divorce is likely to have an impact on your financial situation. It could be beneficial to plan a post-divorce budget. This might help you understand how much spousal or child support you need as you move forward with your life. (It’s also worth considering the tax implication of any support agreement.)

4. Worries over how the children will cope

Studies show that high conflict divorces with heavy litigation can have adverse effects on a couple’s children. Utilizing mediation processes to ensure better levels of communication between the family could make the process easier on children.  

Being aware of the potential roadblocks during your divorce proceedings is in your best interests and can help to protect your legal rights. Furthermore, it will assist you in retaining the cherished parent-child relationship you deserve.