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How can collaborative divorce reduce your stress?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Divorce

Continual fights and endless finger-pointing can leave anyone feeling frustrated and worn out. Typical methods of divorce can rely on conflict to move the process along, which can be draining for you and your ex-spouse. 

Learning more about the unique benefits of collaborative divorce may help you both choose a more beneficial option.  

Less time in court

According to Psychology Today, litigated divorces usually involve a judge and a court. However, when you choose a less combative route, you can avoid this altogether. 

Collaborative divorces involve a neutral third party who oversees discussions and can help you and your ex-spouse write a comprehensive settlement plan for the future. This decision can help save you time and money, as well as added stress.  

More focus on working together

While many divorces rely on both parties arguing against each other, collaborative divorces focus on coming to an agreement that suits you both. This informal process favors honest, respectful conversations that help you both determine what you want out of the divorce.  

Subjects such as asset division and child care are typically strenuous to talk about. Collaborative divorce allows for more nuance in your discussions and final decision.  

Less worrisome for your children

Couples with children may find this process less stressful for everyone involved. Unlike other kinds of divorces, you both can agree on a unique childcare arrangement and specify what you want in the plan.  

A focus on problem-solving instead of fighting can help keep everyone more relaxed throughout the process. Collaborative divorce can be less costly and more flexible for you and your ex-spouse.