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What do you know about the non-monetary affects of a DUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Firm News

While navigating the financial fallout of receiving a driving under the influence charge in Iowa, you may wonder how else the charge affects your life. What should you anticipate regarding physical, emotional and mental effects of the experience?

Absolute Advocacy reaches beyond the monetary cost of receiving a DUI. Learn how to prepare for your post-DUI life.

Physical impact

If you sustained injuries during the collision, you must have a medical professional thoroughly examine you to help you anticipate how your injuries may affect you. For instance, if you sustained damage to your legs, knees, spine or chest, you could have a long recovery ahead. Further, you must know if you should anticipate being in constant pain for a while.

Emotional impact

Did you cause an accident with another car while behind the wheel under the influence? If so, you may experience guilt for the part you played in harming another person. Survivors involved in drunk driving accidents where people died could experience guilt over surviving when others did not. Survivors may experience rage toward you for causing the accident. Depending on the intensity of your guilt, you may consider seeing a therapist.

Mental impact

Even if you caused a drunk-driving accident, you may experience post-traumatic stress afterward. Symptoms of the disorder include problems sleeping, irritation, difficulty concentrating and being easily startled. You may also experience nightmares about the incident. Getting back behind the wheel or getting into a car may unleash unpleasant memories of the crash. As with experiencing extreme guilt, you may need professional help to navigate your trauma healthily.

Paying for a DUI involves more than money. Take action to protect your physical and psychological health.