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West Lake Okoboji boating accident leads to arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Firm News

It may be easy for many people in Urbandale to immediately dismiss any accusation of criminal activity as a blatant sign of both bad intention and an indifference for the safety of others. Yet such assumptions often only account for obvious criminal activity. It overlooks those cases where one may not be familiar with certain aspects of the law.

Such may often be the case in alleged misdemeanor offenses. While many misdemeanors may stem from activities or omissions that most might assume would be obvious (such as not leaving the scene of an accident), the scope of unlawful activity (and the consequences that may accompany it) may not be well-known.

Spirit Lake man arrested following boat collision

The recent case of a boating accident on West Lake Okoboji serves to illustrate this point. Per the local Fox TV affiliate, authorities arrested a Spirit Lake man after discovering damage to his boat consistent with what they expected to see following a collision on the lake. Per reports, another man sustained serious injuries in the accident, yet the detained boater subsequently left the scene (which ran counter to the little-known legal obligation one has to render aid to a vessel in need). He now faces an aggravated misdemeanor charge.

Ensuring fair treatment following a misdemeanor arrest

Law enforcement officials may often feel pressured to seek severe punishments in misdemeanor cases in order to deter others from engaging in similar activity. Yet whatever punitive action one may face following an alleged misdemeanor offense should only be what their actions may merit. Any potential ignorance of a less-familiar law might also warrant consideration when determining what charges one should face. Having experienced legal representation may ensure that this happens.