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Is your child a victim of parental alienation?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Divorce

As Iowa co-parents, you set aside your differences to raise your child together. Unfortunately, not every situation goes well. Your co-parent may have more interest in putting a wedge between you and your child than raising them.

Your child may suffer through parental alienation tactics because of this. It is thus important to recognize potential signs of alienation, so you can handle it if it is happening.

Parental alienation tactics

Healthline looks into parental alienation. It is a type of tactic a co-parent may use against you and your child. When your co-parent wants your child’s favor, they may turn to manipulative means. To induce alienation, they may outright lie about you. They may tell your child false information about how you feel toward them or your co-parent. They may tell false tales about your personality or the things you have done.

Signs of parental alienation

It is sometimes hard to tell if a child is the target of parental alienation tactics. After all, it is not unusual for a child to behave in a strange way during or after the divorce. One sign is that they display a sudden reluctance to spend time with you. Another is that they claim you are “bad”, but struggle to find reasons why that is. You may catch them parroting back accusations that are beyond their comprehension. These are all signs that your co-parent is feeding them information to turn them against you.

If you and your child are the victim of parental alienation, it is possible to take matters to court. It is also possible to seek a mediator or other third party to help you work things out on your own terms.