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How do colleges treat students with DUI convictions?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Firm News

Iowa college students may wonder, what happens if you get a DUI conviction? Some believe a first-time DUI offense will not have an impact on your life. Unfortunately, this is incorrect for many people. 

So how do DUI convictions change college student’s lives? How does the college react to a DUI conviction? Is it possible to get your college career back on track after a conviction? We will answer these questions and more. 

First time DUI charges 

The College Investor talks about DUI convictions among college students. In this age bracket, DUI charges may happen somewhat frequently. This is because students are leaving home for the first time. They experience a new level of freedom unknown to them before college. Many act out because of this, making mistakes they have not before. 

Unfortunately, the mistakes leading to a DUI charge are more serious than some think. For example, a college can expel a student for getting a DUI conviction. Even if they do not, they can choose to cut any financial support they provide. This can make attending college too expensive, forcing the student to drop out. 

Side effects of suspended licenses 

Students with suspended licenses also suffer from a lowered amount of opportunity. Relying on public transport makes it harder for students to attend off-campus events. This can include job fairs, job interviews and meet-and-greets within an industry. This can have a profound impact on your ability to connect early. Lacking these early connections may hurt your future job prospects. 

Getting a DUI conviction as a college student is more than a simple mistake. You cannot brush it off with ease. Understanding this is key to treating your case in the correct way.