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What are long-term impacts of DUI convictions?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Firm News

Residents in Iowa face DUI related charges should understand the penalties of conviction. There are both short and long term penalties that people convicted of DUI crimes may face. Today we will look into the long-term impacts, which often do not get as much attention. 

The short term affects of DUI convictions are somewhat well known. People understand that DUI convictions often include a jail sentence, fines and fees. The amount of time you spend in jail and the amount you must pay depends on the severity of the conviction. But repercussions for DUIs last long after the jail sentence is over. 

A DUI conviction on your record impacts many different areas of your life. A few examples include: 

  • Your eligibility for apartment or house rental 
  • Your desirability as a college applicant 
  • Your ability to work in certain fields 
  • The jobs you can hold or apply for 
  • Your social life 

DUI convictions haunt people and follow them like a social stigma. Everyone from prospective employers to landlords can view this on your criminal record. It often does not matter what the conviction is for. Having something on your record at all is enough for them to pass you over. This is even more true for individuals with a felony DUI conviction. On a whole, those with misdemeanors receive milder treatment. 

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