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Where can you go with a temporary restricted license?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Firm News

When fighting DUI/OWI charges, you may lose your driving privileges. With a suspended license, your life suddenly becomes more difficult. You cannot run errands or drive yourself to work. For people in your situation, the state of Iowa provides a possible solution with a temporary restricted license.

People who have their license suspended may be eligible to receive a license that grants them driving privileges provided they use them to go to approved locations. Even people convicted of an OWI might qualify for a temporary license. The state of Iowa explains where you may be able to drive when using a temporary restricted license.

Going to your job

The loss of your driving privileges should not result in the loss of your job. If you cannot secure other means to get to your workplace, a temporary restricted license should allow you to drive to and from work. You may even use a temporary license if your job is only part time.

Attending classes

Losing your license should not prevent you from continuing your education at a college, university or another educational institution where you can attain a diploma, a degree or some form of certification that may help you get a job. A restricted license allows you to drive to an educational facility where you have enrolled, even if it is on a part time basis.

Attaining health care

You may have a health condition that requires visits to a pharmacy, a doctor’s office, a rehab clinic, or anywhere that you rely on to sustain or improve your health. Under Iowa law, a temporary restricted license could allow you to continue these visits. You may even use a temporary license to transport another person who depends upon you to receive health care.

Meeting judicial or treatment obligations

If your DUI/OWI case has resulted in a conviction, you may need transportation to deal with certain responsibilities stemming from your sentence. With a restricted license, you may drive to your court-ordered community service location. You may also drive to your appointments with a probation officer. Your temporary license can also grant you the right to go to substance abuse treatment sessions.